Anthony Thompson has been a valuable part of our team for the last three years.

Anthony works at Sovereign on a part-time basis and lends his expertise to special projects involving carpet care and all hard flooring projects (such as ceramic, tile, hardwood, VCT, etc.)

Given his vast experience with working for an area hospital system, Anthony has the background to understand the unique specifications pertaining to large facility cleaning.


Kristy joined Terence's team in the Summer of 2016 and has worked closely with Terence to help scale his business as well as taking him through the steps of his company rebranding.

With over 20 years of experience working in an administrative capacity in a variety of industries, Kristy brings her knowledge and experience to the team each day. She stays on top of social media postings by researching and creating content, as well as ensuring that the daily flow of operations runs smoothly.


Eugene Jenkins (who just so happens to be Terence's dad!) has been working with us on a part-time basis since the beginning.

Prior to working here at Sovereign, Eugene worked in electrical wiring for 40 years.

Eugene can be counted on for dedicated and detailed work at all of his clients’ locations. He has a great attitude and enthusiasm for what he does. It's a real honor for Eugene and Terence to be able to work together!!


Not long after graduating from high school, Terence enrolled in the United States Air Force (he chose the Air Force because of the extensive on-the-job training they offer and he knew that the many skills he would learn could be translated into a post-military career). He worked alongside military dieticians to help fellow airmen and military personnel (as well as private citizens) to get proper nutrition as part of their medical treatment.

Being in the Air Force helped to prepare Terence for the working world and he’s grateful for the four years that he spent in our military. In addition to proudly serving our country, it provided him with valuable on-the-job training, discipline, knowledge and experience (specifically learning how to properly prepare & maintain an organized, tidy and spotless working environment). As part of his training, he took an extended course in sanitary food handling and learned how to create hygienic and sterile working environments. Having those qualities instilled within him has served him immeasurably over the years and it laid the groundwork for his future.

After leaving the Air Force, Terence went to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Spending over 16 years working in this field, he capitalized on everything that he learned from his time and training in the military. Terence utilized his knowledge about maintaining a sterilized work environment, as well as identifying potential trouble spots with regard to unsanitary conditions and problem areas within the water systems (as well as the physical plant).

Toward the end of his time working in the pharmaceutical industry, Terence also became co-owner of White Glove Cleaning Service, LLC. He loved being able to put everything that his time in both the military and the pharmaceutical industry taught him to excellent use by providing thorough and detailed service to his clients.
Some years later, Terence branched off on his own and formed his own company, The White Glove Cleaning Service, LLC. He soon realized that it became necessary to rename his company so as to differentiate himself from his prior company moving forward. 

Thus, Sovereign Cleaning Services, LLC was born in 2017! The term “sovereign” represents excellence, supreme detail, the absolute highest quality & impeccable, trustworthy services, and that is exactly what we deliver each day.

When not serving our valued clients, Terence enjoys spending quality time with his family & friends. Traveling both here in the U.S. and abroad is something that he & his wife are looking forward to doing in the upcoming years. Terence also loves to watch sports (on both the college and professional levels), and is an avid longtime fan of Jeopardy!


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​Sovereign Cleaning Services, LLC

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Janine brings over 20 years of residential and commercial cleaning experience to our team in a wide variety of industries throughout her career. 

One of the newest members of our team, Janine has non-stop energy and a tremendous work ethic. Her reliability and good nature makes her a perfect fit here at Sovereign Cleaning!